FAV_BOOT - FreeDOS Antivirus Emergency boot disk by ROSE SWE

Synopsis: DOS boot disk based on FreeDOS. FreeDOS Antivirus Emergency boot disk by ROSE SWE using a modified MODBOOT technology. Enhanced with ROSE SWE Freeware tools!

Bootable floppy disks for PCs usually contain DOS or miniature versions of Linux. The most widespread floppy disks can only store 1.44 MB of data in its standard format, making it impractical for loading large operating systems. The use of boot floppies is declining due to the availability of other higher capacity alternatives such as CD-ROMs or USB sticks

If you do not have a floppy drive any more you can burn a bootable FAV_Boot data CD-ROM or put FAV_Boot on a bootable USB stick!

Picture: Boot screen of the FAV_Boot disk

From the ROSE SWE home page you can download an image file of a FreeDOS Antivirus boot disk (FAV_BOOT) suitable to boot your PC for maintenance, backup, partitioning and virus scanning. The disk contains DOS anti virus tools (MBRKill, HMS, ChkPC, Quick Memory Scanner etc.), virus killers as well as other useful tools for maintenance (e.g. MBR-Info, fdisk, format etc.). This boot disk is immune against extended recursive partitions (also known as extended circular partitions) that prevents users accessing infected machines when booting MS/PC-DOS boot disks. We have tested this boot disk against the Emperor.5826 and Emperor.5832 virus known for extended recursive partitions.

This DOS boot disk based on FreeDOS (http://www.freedos.org) and was assembled by ROSE SWE, Ralph Roth (http://rose.rult.at)

FreeDOS itself is covered by the GNU GPL License, however this floppy contains programs (c) by ROSE SWE and third parties e.g. Bart Lagerweij or Horst Schaeffer. You can freely distribute the complete archive (disk), but we would appreciate it to receive an email, when you are doing so, because as said above, it contains copyrighted software made by me and others. If you do enhancements to this floppy, let me know. The FAV_Boot is Freeware, and fells not under the GNU GPL. NEVER REDISTRIBUTE MODIFIED FAV_BOOT images containing third party software!

The FAV_BOOT (including MODBOOT) disk is available free for download on our [Download] section.

Starting with build 50 we use a heavy modified MODBOOT concept. We had cut and pasted some passages from the MODBOOT tutorial for your reference, see also: http://www.nu2.nu/bootdisk/modboot

The MODBOOT concept is (c) by Bart Lagerweij. My major changes are: Only GNU/Freeware stuff, some enhancements (xkeyb), compressed tar archives (.tgz) instead of MS cabinets (.cab) and some batches are modified. All available updates applied.

Some extracts from MODBOOT:

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