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The ROSE SWE distribution list is a mailing list and a forum you can join for free! This service is provided by Yahoo Groups. You will receive announcements by mail about the release of the new or updated programs from ROSE SWE."

Starting 1st Aug. 2003 we can not attach any longer attachments to mails due to changed policy by Yahoo Groups. But members have access to the Yahoo Groups file area of the mailing list, where they can download exclusive files that are not available on the web pages (e.g. the big archives like RFWT, miscancelous releases or the FAV Boot images)!

Currently I maintain two mailing lists (rose_swe and cfg2html, see with more than 14000++ members. You can imagine, that there must be some benefit to join such a list :))

Q: What is the ROSE SWE mailing list?
A: This mailing list is maintained by ROSE SWE to announce their software. This include anti virus utilities (VSP, ViBa, RFW, RHBVS, AntiLink), security software (HackStop, RCC) as well as misc. tools (DelBak, RFW). The group address is

Q: How to subscribe/unsubscribe etc.?

There are two ways to subscribe!

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Founded: Sept. 29, 1998

Q: What language is used on the list?
A: We only use English, although there are many German users on the list... You can send private messages to ROSE SWE in German!

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