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ROSE SWE mainly develops antivirus and security programs, as well as a lot of tools for various tasks. Here is a short descriptions of some of our programs. Most of them you can directly download for free from the [ Downloads! ] section above. Most of the software is Freeware! The software is programmed for DOS/Win32 systems, also some programs have been ported to Linux, see below for details. Most DOS programs will not run on 64 bit Windows installations.

If you want to bookmark this site then please use http://rose.rult.at

-= Download Areas =-

The various programs described here are located on http or ftp servers to download. Due to historical reasons there are several servers that hold older program versions made by ROSE SWE. The latest software you can download from this site is when you press the [download] button. That is currently if the button does not work http://rose-swe.bplaced.net/dl/

Additionally, if you are interested in some older versions of the programs you can try to download older releases or not updated programs from SAC FTP at www.sac.sk they host the complete collection of our programs (newest and oldest packages). Our software is packed using ZIP compatible packing programs or using self installing archives (EXE) that require no additionally unpackers. Source code and stuff that require good coding/computer skills are packed using RAR5 or better. If you are searching for a free ZIP and RAR unpacker, try the GPL packer 7-zip  (www.7-zip.org) for Windows and Linux.

-= Our Anti Virus Programs =-

VirScan Plus for DOS (VirScanPlus_1x-xx.zip) is a virus scanner and cleaner for MS-DOS computer viruses, Malware, script worms (e.g. VBS.LoveLetter, VBS.Life_Stages), Trojans and IRC scripts. Contains the fast scanner VirScan Plus, additional tools and comprehensive documentation. VirScan Plus can also detect viruses using his heuristic scan engines as well it can remove most of the German "in-the-wild" file and boot viruses.

RHBVS - ROSE SWE's Heuristic Based Virus Scanner for DOS (rhbvs_v5-??.zip). Virus scanning is done using heuristics. A very fast and reliable command line virus scanner for NEW and UNKNOWN viruses. Detects more than 33.000 different viruses. Includes a generic memory detection for resident DOS and Windows viruses, IRC script worms, script viruses (VBS, JavaScript, CorelDraw, HTML, INF, BV, WBT etc.), trojans (Win32, BAT, DOS), backdoors and malware detection. A code analyzer and 330 heuristic search engines. RHBVS was AFAIK the only scanner that had detected VBS.LoveLetter and VBS.Life_Stages using this heuristic approach!!! Freeware!!!

RMS (formerly known as F_MIRC) - Portable Virus Scanner for DOS16/32, Win32/64, Linux32/64 (rms_?-??.zip). This command line scanner is based on RHBVS, F_Mirc, mpscan and VSP, but is written in portable code, so we can offer you a version for Windows(win32), DOS, DOS32 and Linux (i686,x86_64). This scanner will find script viruses, trojans, backdoors and malware. Freeware

Mr2S - Mister Double Scan (discontinued) for DOS - Advanced command line virus scanner. Mr2S has a different approach: It uses two scan engines, based on four anti virus programs (F_MIRC, VSP & RHBVS from ROSE SWE and TScan/AAV from Gega-Software, now AV-Test.org). Mr2S detects more than 37.000 different viruses, including mIRC, batch, Windows, VBS/JS, HTML, script, polymorph encrypted viruses, macro, DOS and Boot viruses. New viruses like VBS.LoveLetter can be detected using the build in heuristics. Moved to the download area of Yahoo Groups. Freeware, with source code from Gega-Software and ROSE SWE

AntiLink (antilink_8??.Zip) for DOS - Contains VirScan Plus, a MBR checking and recovery tool (BootVir), the CRC checker AntiLink, a lot of tools and documents about viruses. AntiLink is very useful to detect new file viruses that no other virus scanner finds yet. It is also a very useful tool to monitor what Windows shared files have been replaced by recently new installed software.

MemScan - Memory Virus Scanner (memscan_1x.xx.zip) for DOS - A package of virus scanners scanning your DOS memory for resident DOS and boot viruses. MemScan uses standard signature based and heuristics scanning techniques. MemScan is able to detect almost every new virus using his heuristic approach and his stealth baiting technique! Includes MemScan, TestBoot (to be included in AUTOEXEC.BAT or AutoStart folder), HMS, ChkPC and QMS (MemScan Light). Freeware!

CrCheck - Cyclic Reundandency Checker for dos/win32 (crcheck_4-??.zip) - Generates and validates CRC checksums(32 bit). Anti virus command line program, very fast. Wildcards, creation, verification and saving of checksum files supported. PGP/GPG and batch file support included! German and English versions included.

Related Antivirus packages: Various virus killer programs can be found in the RWFT package. ViBa (Virus Database )- holds description of more than 3.000 DOS file and boot viruses. Freeware!

ROSE SWE Virus Collector Toolset (rvct_rel??.zip). Includes various tools and batch files for virus sorting and collecting. Also included VirSort/DOS32, VirSort2WantedViruses, ROSE_SWE File Weeder/KillGoat (RFW, see below) and RoseGoat, a very flexible virus bait/goat file creator. RoseGoat can create standard COM, EXE, VBS, Shekk, HTML and Batch goats - with tons of options etc. Freeware!

RFW - ROSE SWE's File Weeder (dos/win32/Linux) - Finds and weeds duplicate files. New files can be added to a database (no size limit!). Very useful for anti virus researchers. Automatic file detection and renaming (e.g. COM/EXE/PE/SYS/HTML/Archives/Images). No file number limit - tested with 1.850.000 unique files! Contains Kill Goat which detects standard bait and goat files. Included into the RVCT package! Freeware with source code fragments.

ROSE SWE Packer and Cryptor Package (rPCP_Rel???.Zip). The ROSE SWE Packer and Cryptor Package contains the following programs that were released in the past as separate archives (Freeware! ), all programs made for DOS:

- RC 386 (ROSE SWE COM Crypt/386)
- RC 286 (ROSE SWE COM Crypt/286, RSCC - fully polymorph using two engines)
- RCrypt (ROSE SWE Crypt COM)
- RUE (ROSE SWE unextractable EXE files)
- PPC (Password Protector for COM files)
- RecSmall and RecAV (ROSE SWE EXE Cryptor Small) - Adds self checking Antivirus shield around DOS EXE files.
- RERP (ROSE SWE EXE Relocation packer)
- ROSE Tiny (Front-end for TinyProg :))
- rUCC386 (ROSE SWE ultra COM compressor)

-= Security Related Programs =-

HackStop - HS (hackstop_1-??.zip) -protects DOS EXE and COM programs. A file protector for DOS executable. Designed to drastically hinder analysis, modification, hacking, cracking and reverse engineering of your programs. One of the most famous DOS file protectors ever around.

Related/older packages: Zone Alarm Log Stat Analyzer (included in RFWT) - ROSE SWE's Anti Debugging FAQ (rADFAQ*Zip), ROSE SWE Unpacker Package (included in rUPP_*Zip) and RVK/DECOM package (included in RFWT). RBFC (ROSE SWE Blowfish Cryptor, included into RFWT). Most of the programs here are included into the RFWT package. Freeware.

-= Linux =-

The following programs had been ported to Linux (ZIP file contains DOS32/16, Win32 and/or Linux version), on request we can provide binaries for Raspberry Pi (ARM):

Other programs on request. See also section "Freeware" for more programs by ROSE SWE!

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